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    Hi, everyone! Here’s Episode 4. Sorry for the delay. We were having technical difficulties, so here’s a tried-and-true MP3 for your listening pleasure.

    Friends, family, loved ones of all sorts: if you were to organize a room for a lecture, where might you put the chairs? If you were to teach people how to play charades, what would you tell them? Are messenger bags relevant to this discussion at all? Kathryn Borel discusses “The Chairs Are Where the People Go,” with Tod, Rider, and Julia, who do not agree on its quality. Ready for a showdown?



2 Responses to Episode 4: The Chairs are Where the People Go

  • Ginger Dawn wrote on May 9, 2012 at 3:16 //

    Great podcast! I bought ‘What Narcissism Means to Me: Poems’ by Tony Hoagland Thanks Rider for the intro to this new poet for me!

  • Jayne wrote on May 14, 2012 at 8:55 //

    Without this podcast, I probably would never consider that book because of the sweeping grandoise of the title, ‘The Chairs Are Where the People Go’, makes me think the entire book will be filled with such sweeping grandoisms. (Please tell me that’s a word.) Statements like that just send me on a slightly OCD loop where I’m constantly thinking things like…well…people don’t actually just go to chairs. Is the follow up going to be called ‘The Beds Are Also Where the People Go’? But, literal whimsy aside, the actual life lesson type essays contained in the book sound interesting – if I can get past the title then I’ll give it try. Kathryn Borel’s book sounds good. Tony Hoagland has a playful way with language that seems at once both a caress and a caustic reflection in the mirror. He reminds me of Brit poet Philip Larkin, in a way.