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    This week we are joined by Youth Services Librarian, Erika Jelinek. Erika’s here to address Rider’s concerns (expressed oh-so-mildly in Episode 5) about the quality of today’s Young Adult Literature.

    In defense, she offers Rebecca Stead’s When You Reach Me. A coming-of-age novel with a time travel twist. The disco-teers discuss this fantastic book and the state of children’s literature in general.

    But first, our Book Club Revisit includes Tod talking Olympics (and, surprise surprise, avoiding books all together), Julia drinking whiskey, and Rider heading to the Russian snow for summer reading.

    And yes, The Cutting Edge is mentioned yet again.



1 Response to Episode 10: When You Reach Me

  • Will wrote on August 13, 2012 at 3:17 //

    I loved this episode, especially Julia’s slow clap-inducing point about no one believe themselves rich… However; I’m not certain you guys fleshed out the point as far as it could go. I find this odd, since you guys are so much smarter than me, I was actually surprised when my brain immediately responded with a point that neither Tod nor Rider made. I think that, certainly, no one thinks themselves rich but what’s more, I think that the more salient point(no offense), is that poverty is a way of unbalancing the scales against the protagonist, and the overarching concept isn’t one of economic status, but of human nature. I think the point to be made here is that everyone considers themselves an underdog in their life, with a bounty of obstacles standing in their way on the road to achieving their goals. For Harry Potter, it is the oppressive aunt and uncle, and the not-so-nice murderous psychopath, though for once it is not poverty. Richie rich, you might imagine, is well-off, but lonely. For others, it’s racism, classism, or schizophrenic crown princes.