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    Playlist, schmaylist. We’re calling this a mixtape: one poem, one short story, and one essay get dissected in this episode. Mary Karr’s “Suicide’s Note,” Eric Puchner’s “The Cooler Me,” and Joe Meno’s “Happiness Will Be Yours.”

    And of course, a knock-down drag-out argument over comic strips, more discussion of what makes a great audiobook, and frauds. Check it!



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  • Jennifer wrote on October 3, 2012 at 12:03 //

    Hey, I haven’t commented for a while (life happens when you’re busy living, I’m afraid) I read “Suicide’s Note” What an absolutely sterling poem! I’ve had friends who have taken their lives. A lot of tears, I assure you! My favorite line from a poem about suicide? “Shocked mouths agape/upon my wrists./They bleed the words/they can not say/and I find myself laughing”
    In “The Cooler Me” the character might be happy that he made the choice to have kids but that was the right choice for HIM. I mean, some days I think that I want kids, but then I get a call from a friend at 2am because they just ran into Billy Zane in a bar and “YOU NEED TO GET YOUR ASS HERE, RIGHT NOW!!” and I realize that I wouldn’t be able to if I had…well, some sort of responsibility in life :^) It doesn’t mean that it won’t ever be something that I’ll want, but for now WEEEEEEEEE!!
    Peanuts! I am terribly torn on this issue. I hate the Peanuts comic strips (please don’t tear my head off!) However, the movies MAKE my holidays. I have yet to go a year without watching the Peanut’s Halloween and Christmas movies. They give me a warm, fuzzy pajama, hot cocoa with marshmallows, long hug from your mom type of feeling! I’m afraid Pearls Before Swine spoiled me for strips though. I feel like every strip needs to be clever on ever panel now. Tag me in, Rider, I am El Enemigo de Mani! Ha ha…never-mind :^{ Good grief.

    So, I don’t know if you take requests but the other day I was looking through the randomness on my bookshelves and, in amongst the myriad of “self-help” books that my parents keep sending me–they think that if I “fix my issues” I’ll have no problem finding a husband (save me…or kill me…both are acceptable alternatives)–I found a book of short stories and poetry assigned to my class in the fifth grade: “Strawberries and Other Secrets” Inside was the signature “You’ve never stolen anything before today 04/07/1992. ‘On the Sidewalk, Bleeding’ Evan Hunter, Page 207” Hunter was underlined…I still have no idea why or what that means. Anyway, I’ve re-read it and…I’m afraid I may have stolen a school book without warrant!! I didn’t LOVE it. Could you guys perhaps give it a little perusal and let me know if I started a life of crime for something that sucks?
    Lastly, as long as a personality is strong–whether hated or loved–the general public simply wants to know more. If Hitler wrote a book, even people who hate him would read it–no one ever seems to consider where the money they just paid to purchase that book is going to go :^( “You know, you just paid Hitler $25 bucks to ramble about how much better he is than everyone else”