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    We’ve tackled tigers and rubber ducks on the show before, but have we ever turned our eyes to the animal spirits of three young brothers? Justin Torees’ novel is brought to our attention by the witty and wonderful Elizabeth Crane, who joins us on the show for a quick disco dance. Plus: cosmically bad reviews, having the willpower to creatively open a cupcake, and what the hell Patty Hearst was fighting for.



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  • cjmcbridestern@yahoo.com wrote on February 6, 2013 at 6:26 //

    Enjoying your podcasts, however, I have missed titles & authors of your bookshelf revisits and think It would be helpful if you could capture them on your website for each episode. For instance, the “We The Animals” podcast Rider talked about a fictional account of the Pattie Hearst missing month, I can’t remember the name of the book and only remember the authors last name is Choi or something like that. Thought sure I would find it on the website, but to no avail. Am I not looking in the correct spot on the website?
    Thanks for the chuckles & literary sharing.
    A bibliophile, Catherine McBride-Stern @mcbridestern on Twitter.