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    This week on Literary Disco, full of sound and fury, we debate the meaning of the mysterious tetractus. Bookshelf roulette also leads us to a castle we can capture– but eventually, we get to discuss Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.” Plus a super-special bonus discussion of the oddities and delights of the annual AWP conference.



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  • Katie Loss wrote on March 30, 2013 at 12:31 //

    I walk….and listen to podcasts. But I walk more days than I have favorite podcasts (Books on the Nightstand and Kindle Chronicles being 2 of them…). In search of new voices and bookish entertainment & insight, I stumbled upon your trio. I’ve Captured the Castle! …no, rather Your ‘castle’ of Literary Disco has absolutely captured me. Great podcast. Entertaining, well produced, and insightful. Always something to learn from you three. By the way, I’m a Sherlock Holmes fan so was particularly fascinated by Tod & Rider’s less than enthusiastic initial reaction to this classic followed by their growing appreciation of what Conan Doyle accomplished as you three brought your separate expertises to the discussion. I now will have to download your podcast on the Hardy Boys. And now I’m about to buy Diaz and Dungy. …
    Is it possible to give us a heads up on what you are reading for next podcasts for read along purposes? Maybe you do, but I somehow missed it.