Episode 36: The Woman Chaser

Guest author Jim Gavin joins us for the strange journey that is Charles Willeford’s novel, The Woman Chaser, a book that confounds as much as it entertains. LA noir, postmodern pulp, and somehow, existential ennui are all squeezed into one little, psychotic book.

But first, a Bookshelf Revisit that includes two nature poets, one of whom you probably know, the other you probably don’t.

And in a special bonus interview, Rider talks Finnegans Wake with Joyce scholar Michael Seidel. Given his years of studying and teaching Joyce, can he make the book more accessible for those of us engaged in Finnegans Wake-Up? And for those of you who would never want to read it (like um, Tod), you may still be surprised by the nature of Joyce’s project.

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