Episode 39: The Penis Play

This week the trio takes on a dirtily-titled play that’s…actually not that dirty. “Cock” by Mike Bartlett is a strange combination of minimalist writing, incredibly specific characters, and Big Important Issues. For the second play the disco has tackled, it’s a good example of one that might read better than it will perform. But we’ll only know if any of our listeners have seen it…

The discussion dives headfirst into the nature of sexual identity, and eventually, Tod will ask pressing (ridiculous) questions about the craft of stage acting (i.e., How do actors stand in front of people so long? How do they not pee?).

But first, in the Bookshelf Revisit: books on Giants and Santa Clause, rip-your-heart-out lyrics about cancer, and the fascinating history of Legos.

What kind of Lego kid were you?

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