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    Chinua Achebe’s classic novel of a Nigerian colonial encounter gets the Disco treatment. An in-depth look at Things Fall Apart leads to discussion of Achebe’s legacy and African literature in general.

    But first, songs. Lots of songs, as Rider introduces his latest lyrical discovery, Tod talks rock-drug-memoirs, and Julia discusses a book titled, Born to Run…which, perhaps predictably, inspires some Springsteen singing.

    There’s no outro to this episode, since Rider is on the road to his wedding and without a microphone. But up in two weeks: just in time for Halloween, the Disco will take on Stephen King’s new novel, Dr. Sleep.

    Happy listening!

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1 Response to Episode 40: Things Fall Apart

  • Ruthiella wrote on October 20, 2013 at 5:37 //

    Julia, I just listened to this episode and your interest in extreme running. There is a cool documentary called “Running on the Sun” about the Badwater 135 ultramarathon which is 135 mile run beginning in Death Valley and ending on Mount Whitney (not the top, but still). It is an interesting film and the people who run it are a little nuts…