Episode 46: Best American Short Stories 2013

In this episode, Tod selects three short stories from the latest Best American collection.

First up is Alice Munro’s “Trains,” a poignant and surprisingly epic story of a soldier post-WWII. Then Suzanne Rivecca’s story about a meeting between an employee of a shelter and a rich author, “Philanthropy.” And finally, cats gets killed in Callan Wink’s “Breatharians.”

Opinions vary, but on the whole, the Disco trio is in agreement that these are some mighty fine stories.

In the opening revisit, Tod brings up an essay and a boxing book, Julia talks urban renewal, and Rider talks dialect. FYI: after this episode, we expect you all to pronounce Julia’s name “Jul-ya” and to never, ever, do a “cleanse” of any sort.

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