Episode 53: Choose Your Own Adventure!

You are on the web, trying find something to listen to.
You see a link to the latest Literary Disco episode, a podcast you love. You click on it.
Now you are on the Literary Disco site, and there’s a brand new episode about Choose Your Own Adventure books!

If you remember Choose Your Own Adventure books, scroll down.

If you are too young to know what the hell a CYOA is, good for you youngin, click here.

You begin to listen to the episode, which is about a spy-themeed Choose Your Own Adventure. Specifically, #6: Your Code Name is Jonah. The episode starts with Tod, Julia, and Rider doing a Bookshelf Revisit about their favorite spy-related literature.

And pretty soon, the three friends are discussing the convoluted plot, stale prose, and strangely dissatisfying sensation of wading through a book with 40 different endings.

But nostalgia for the 80s, weirdly inserted whale activism (yes, really), and the camaraderie of the Disco trio all draw you in. It makes you laugh and think in equal measure.

Congratulations, you are a Literary Disco listener.

The End.

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