Episode 55: The Stranger

It’s back to school for the Disco, when writer and real life high school English teacher Heather Partington joins us.

We asked Heather to treat us like a class: reading assignment, quiz, discussion. She selected Albert Camus’ classic novel, The Stranger. Then she gave us an online reading quiz. The results may surprise you.

But more importantly, there’s lots of talk about the state of literature in high schools: what kids are reading, how they’re reading, how their parents are reacting…

Heather’s on the front lines of the next generation of readers, and the Disco quickly learns that her students are very, very lucky to have her.

And then we dive into The Stranger in all its sparse, detached — et très French — glory. If you thought this book was weird when you were in high school, guess what? Still weird.

But kind of great.

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