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    Get out the tissues.

    This episode, we head straight for emotional jugular, as we read Edward Hirsch’s devastating poem about the life and death of his son, Gabriel.

    Hirsch may make us cry (and yes, that means each of us, many times) but we are also awed by his craft and uplifted by this ambitious poem.

    Up first, we each talk about our favorite father-son work of literature. Rider goes Searching for Bobby Fischer, Julia embraces a Long Day’s Journey and Tod heads to Empire Falls.

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  • jackie nelson wrote on November 6, 2014 at 2:58 //

    i really enjoyed this episode of LiteraryDisco it has really stuck with me I have a pretty good father daughter relashionship with my dad both of my brothers have a good relationship with him to but my dad never really had a relationship with his parents or sister and it’s all because when he married my mom he was given an ultimatum it was either them or his wife witch is pretty sad if you ask me what parents make their kids choose between them and their spouse for what ever reason they never liked my mom and because of this my brothers and I never really had a relationship with them either now that they are dead and gone I wish we all could have had a relationship with them and I really wish my dad could have had a relationship with them to