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    We couldn’t resist discussing an incredible essay by Chris Offutt that appeared in The New York Times Magazine. It’s entitled My Dad, The Pornographer. You can guess what it’s about.

    To give us some context, we reached back into the archives and pulled out two of Offutt’s short stories from his first collection Kentucky Straight.

    Fathers, sons, the American south, writing, sex, and death. All the ingredients of a classic Literary Disco episode.



1 Response to Episode 74: My Dad, the Pornographer

  • Ali Thrower wrote on February 25, 2015 at 6:20 //

    Hi, great episode, listened at 1.30am this morning & giggled through first ten minutes so had to re-listen. Read the article at work today, surprised me. Sweet, funny, thoughtful. Serial killer paragraph, slightly left at the traffic lights, but interesting. Hoping to attach link to it on my rather public Facebook anti-50 Shades rant. Oh,p.s. Found by randomly googling for duck quotes that Edmond Manning writes haiku book reviews on his webpage. Don’t know if that is crazy, pretentious or if it works, but I found I had to read them all. He doesn’t tackle Pillars of the Earth in haiku though. Although I might read it when condensed to 3 lines.