Episode 75: Wolf in White Van

An incident with a gun. A disfigured game designer. His play-by-mail roleplaying game. A death. A lawsuit.

That’s all we’ll give away in an attempt not to spoil the strange and beautiful new novel that is Wolf in White Van by John Darnielle.

Yes, we mispronounce his name for the first half of the show. And yes, none of us really know his music (he’s the lead singer and songwriter for the band, The Mountain Goats) but by the end of this episode, we certainly give props to John Darnielle for this incredible debut novel.

We only picked up this book thanks to YOUR recommendations over at the Literary Disco Goodreads Group, and man, are we glad we listened to you guys (thank you Anastasia, Terry, Bree, and Sonnet).

Keep ’em coming!


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