Episode 125: Columbine, Part 1

Dave Cullen’s book Columbine is an exhaustive and brilliant examination of the infamous school shooting that stunned the country in 1999.

It is also one of the first books that Tod, Julia, and Rider discussed as friends. Bonding over our love for Cullen’s work is one of the reasons Literary Disco exists.

In light of the fact that school shootings have only become more common, we decided to do something different with the next two episodes of the podcast.

Tod reached out to his friend Rob Bowman, a high school English teacher, and asked if he had any students who might want to read Columbine.

This episode, Part 1, is our discussion with the the three remarkable teenagers Rob assembled. Aiden, Renaissance, and Jada were kind enough to read Cullen’s book and come on our show to share their thoughts.

Part 2 will be the follow up conversation that we had with Bowman.

Guns. High School. Books. Get ready…