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    (Are we time traveling? Yes, a technical glitch set this episode back a few months…)

    Kristen Roupenian’s short story “Cat Person” appeared in December 2017 issue of The New Yorker, and promptly became an internet sensation.

    Some critics pounced, some critics praised, some men were offended, some women were offended that men were offended…and on and on it went, as these things do in this day and age.

    It seems there is something about this story — something about its point of view and its depiction of gender relations —  that struck a nerve in the midst of #MeToo.

    We decided to read and discuss the story in addition to some older, and truly great, short story comps that work with similar themes. So if you read and loved (or hey, even if you read and hated) Cat Story, these are for you.

    “Stitches” by Antonya Nelson.

    And “A Real Doll” by AM Homes.



1 Response to Episode 123: Cat Person

  • Jenny Colvin wrote on June 13, 2018 at 8:21 //

    I really enjoyed this episode, probably my favorite of your show so far (I started listening around 99/100.) I need to find Stitches, but I read the Homes years ago and still have a very vivid memory of it. I loved the context of the three stories together, so brava!

    Tod, I wish I had thought about you probably being at AWP. I was there as an outlier, I’m a reader/librarian not a writer, but enjoyed interacting with all that creative energy. If you ever want to collaborate on a “book podcasters” panel on an even year, I’d be game. (I attend the academic librarian conference on odd years.)