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    You read it in high school.

    You remember the conch, Piggy, and a boar head on a stick…

    But do you remember the Beast? That a child disappears the first day on the island? How about the fact that this novel is set during an atomic war?

    And did you know this book was written in direct response to a 19th Century children’s book that had the same character names?

    It’s time for us all to re-read William Golding’s classic, Lord of the Flies. Join us.


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  • Ashley Elliott wrote on August 26, 2018 at 11:35 //

    I actually don’t like Lord of the Flies and have never finished it but I wanted to let you know there already is a female Lord of the Flies called Beauty Queens by Libba Bray. When the movie was announced she posted about how it has already been done on her twitter but they’d rather have a group of white men write it, lots of gender politics. She also does her own audio for the book and I love when authors narrate themselves!