Episode 138: Let The Games Begin!

No better way to start the new month than with some of Literary Disco’s classic games. First, Rider presents “Judge a Book By Its Cover,” where he reads the first lines of a book and Julia and Tod must guess what the book is with no other context. Then, Tod presents a new game, Rock Paper Scissors, where Rider and Julia must decide what is a real poem, lyrics from a pop song, lines from a Rupi poem, or a poem written by our very own Tod Goldberg. Let the games begin!

Some of the books discussed in this episode include:

ben lerner 10:04

Ben Lerner, 10:44

A lot of it is about art and reflections on different forms of art, and writers versus. visual artist. It’s really good, and slightly pretentious.

once and future king t.h. white

T.H. White, The Once and Future King

It becomes this great look at the value of experiential education as opposed to book learning.

within the context of no context

George W.S. Trow, Within the Context of No Context

It is a crazy manifesto about the dangers of television and the dangers of what he saw—I guess he was writing this in the seventies—where this country was heading . . . I want to re-read it in the age of Trump because a lot of his predictions and his assessments have proved to be true.